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Mobility and Confidence Restored

Millenium Home Care Among the Top HomeCare Elite Agencies Betty Jean, 59, of Ellendale, DE, was going to work in February 2015 when she accidentally tripped over a cord in her driveway and hit her head against her SUV. The impact of her fall was so severe, it caused a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the neck down.

Betty was hospitalized for her injuries and spent the next five months at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation in Pennsylvania. She received physical and occupational therapy at Bryn Mawr and Life Care at Lofland Park Rehabilitation and was progressing in her treatment, but she remained unable to walk, feed herself, get dressed, or maneuver a wheelchair unassisted.

Frustrated, she left rehab and moved in with her daughter, Rhonda, as well as Rhonda’s husband and their five children in Laurel, DE. Betty needed Rhonda’s help with all self-care activities, including getting in and out of bed, toileting, and bathing. Additionally, she couldn’t move her arms to maneuver a wheelchair, or feed and dress herself.

The family decided to hire Millenium Home Health Care to help Betty with her rehabilitation, therapy and care right in the comfort of her home environment. When she was surrounded by family – including her grandchildren – she really started progressing in her recovery.

Working with her Millenium team – Angel Austin, RN, Gaebrial (Gabe) Gaitano, PT, and Jennifer (Jen) Matta, OT – Betty began experiencing significant improvements, both physically and emotionally. At first, when receiving PT, OT and nursing services two or three times per week, she required maximum assistance with her mobility issues.

Betty continued to push forward as she worked with the Millenium team for the following 10 weeks, from August to mid-October 2015. During that time, she made huge improvements in her recovery. Not only did she build her physical strength while working with Millenium, but her confidence grew stronger, as well.

“If you could see her now, you’d light up – she’s doing great! She’s mobile, and can walk 200 feet unassisted,” her OT, Jen, explained. “She can use a cane, can toilet, feed herself and get in and out of bed alone. She can brush her own teeth. She can take her shirt off now, which she couldn’t do before because her arms wouldn’t go high enough. She has become more self-sufficient.”

“She even walked into the kitchen and was doing dishes,” Jen said. “It’s a miracle that she can do as much as she can do now.”

“Next, I want to try vacuuming,” Betty added.

Millenium Home Care Among the Top HomeCare Elite Agencies Betty said that being at home, in familiar surroundings, made her recovery much easier and more comfortable. While at the rehabilitation facility in a different state, she was worrying about everything that was happening back home, and anxious to return to her family. Receiving expert therapy and compassionate care at home was tremendously beneficial and helped her make significant progress in a relatively short timeframe.

“When I was in rehab, I couldn’t do the things I needed to do to take care of myself. The Millienium Home Health Care team came in and got me walking, using my hands and doing stuff on my own,” Betty explained. “They gave me everything I needed, gave me more confidence in myself, and got me to believe I could do it. They got me to where I am today.”

“The Millenium team has been a blessing to me. I can walk again because they’re so good,” Betty added. “Every time they gave me a task to do and I accomplished it, I was so grateful. They were very encouraging, and were just so good to me.”

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