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A Home Care Miracle

Millenium Home Care Among the Top HomeCare Elite Agencies I hoped for the best, but what transpired over the weeks that followed through the services of Millenium Home Care was almost a miracle.”

For the next five weeks, Millenium Home Care nurses worked together to regulate Theo’s medications and blood pressure and oversaw a regiment of physical, speech and occupational therapies that helped regain his balance and strength.

“He really rallied in the most amazing way,” says Deb Hoke, the Millenium Home Care nurse who managed Theo’s care. “He went from wheelchair-bound to getting around with almost no assistance. When we discharged him, he could walk in and out of his home, which has 13 stairs at the entry. The change in him was miraculous.”

Madelyn says she was so thankful for Theo’s recovery that she felt compelled to write Millenium Home Care expressing her gratitude.

Millenium Home Care Among the Top HomeCare Elite AgenciesThroughout 59 years of marriage, Madelyn and Theo have always looked out for each other. When Theo, born in 1929, suffered a fall and struggled with measurable recovery while at a nursing facility, Madelyn sought the assistance of Millenium Home Care to bring Theo home.

“He was so confused, dizzy and weak and he had even stopped eating. I knew it was time to try recovery in the comfort of his own home,” Madelyn says. “But I am in my 80s and there was no way I could do this alone. I called Millenium and Theo came home in an ambulance, unable to walk or even sit up by himself.

“It was so much more than just the ‘right’ services for Theo. These people became so close to us and we knew we could call any of them at any time with a question or concern,” Madelyn says. “They made themselves totally available and we never felt alone in this. My Theo is back, in some ways stronger than before his fall, and that is a miracle.”

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